MBR90 Mobile Wifi Router Review

There are several types of internet connection available from your internet service provider (ISP), these include Satellite, broadband DSL/Cable or 3G/4G. Ever wanted a router which allows you to connect to all types modem?  The Cradlepoint MBR90 is a Wifi Mobile Broadband Router you might be looking for.

MBR90 Wifi Mobile Broadband Router allows you to create home wireless network using wired internet with either Cable or DSL, or the wireless internet 3G/4G network. The good thing with MBR90 Wifi Mobile Broadband Router is that when you connect the router to multiple data modems, the router failover to the backup connection automatically when the primary connection fails.

wifi router review
MBR90 is compatible with the new 802.11n wireless technology to provide high performance wifi network that covers up to 750 feet and supports up to 32 wifi users and unlimited users via Ethernet. The router includes 4-port Ethernet 10/100Mbps for LAN interface and one 10/100 Ethernet port for Cable / DSL / Satellite modems connections.

The MBR90 is great for gamers it comes with TCP / UDP port forwarding for over 500 games. This feature will only open a certain port to be available in the internet. This also includes the Application Layer Gateways (ALG) that opens and closes ports depending on gaming traffic you are playing. This basically eliminates the complication of manual configuration. The router also supports Quality of Service that prioritizes streaming media and voice over other non-critical data applications. This means lag-free of the streaming video and gaming.

For multi-options Internet connection, MBR90 Wifi Mobile Broadband Router is ideal for home networking and will work fine with emergency response, virtual meeting, streaming and gaming.

Belkin G Wifi Router Review

A $100 price tag on a router can leave a whole on your pocket. But why go for that price when you can get a router that works alike at a price of $40. For wireless internet connection at a good price, Belkin has something for you. Though I am a Linksys fan, I tried using other wireless routers for fun and reviews. Lately the Belkin G Wifi Router has caught my attention.

Like any other installation Belkin G Wifi Router is quite simple and fast. It comes with installation CD that will install the wireless management add-on. You need to go through the process and follow it carefully when to plug the router to the modem.  By the way, the wireless connection covers 400 feet and there are 4 Ethernet ports for wired connection as well.  It works with “802.11b“and “802.11g” and it’s compatible with game consoles and printers aside from your laptops.

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After a successful installation, I tried it with my Toshiba Portege.  The wireless signal was good within the 400 feet distance as advertised. Given that there were no interferences in the environment, the wireless connection was fast and stable. The Belkin G Wifi Router has both WMP and WPA encryption that will keep your network safe. I was pleased with the range and quality. No protests at all with the easiness of use with my Toshiba Portege and the impressive 400 feet range.

After some time with the Belkin G wifi router I can’t say I was upset, I was very pleased with its basic functions. The connections were fast and reliable. Consumers interested in an inexpensive source of wireless internet will be very pleased. 

The Truth about Wifi Router Reviews

Over the years the computer related products has evolved. With so many brand names and models, out there which wireless router should you go for? It’s really a necessity to explore the product you want to get and make sure you get a hold of the best value and price. Getting a wireless router is a big choice, a wrong router it will spoil the wireless network to start with. In this dilemma, wifi router review can be your helpful friend.

In scrutinizing wifi router review, the vital point to check on is the manufacturer being discussed. There are several brands of router in the market with different specifications and features.  I’m a Linksys admirer and I was even a technical support representative for them for almost two years. But there are other router brand that’s impressive too, such as D-Link, Belkin and NetGear.

The other significant thing you need to consider when choosing a router brand is its compatibility with your hardware. However, most wifi routers especially Linksys are compatible with multiple products and internet platforms. Inter-operability with devices is an issue you need to pay attention to when reading first-hand router reviews.
For the many types of models that you can read on the wifi router review, it’s important that the router can support “802.11b” and “802.11g” or the “n” technology perhaps, and in many cases it supports all three.  The review should help you choose the best model and specification that suits your system requirement.
Always take note of the operating and speeds on first-hand router reviews. This will definitely give you an idea the speed of their internet connection with the router.  This will also help you evaluate if you’re about to invest on a quality item.